About the Author

Fans Supporting Horse Racing is the work of Vicky Burnham, a woman in her fifth decade of loving race horses. Vicky grew up in the shadow of Santa Anita, went to the workouts before school, read all the Black Stallion books, screamed over Secretariat, sobbed over Ruffian, hung out on the Hollywood Park backside and was lucky enough to meet Affirmed the day of his Hollywood Gold Cup win.

Vicky worked about three years as a staff writer for what was then known as “The Thoroughbred of California” (now “The California Thoroughbred”) for the California Thoroughbred Breeders’ Association. Her work primarily included manual pedigree research and subsequent historical story-telling related to California stakes winners. After a move to Virigina in 1985, she also worked nearly three years for the American Horse Council in Washington D.C.

In 2004, after  moving to the Phoenix area of Arizona, she ended up as the managing partner for a well-bred, winning, regional stallion sent to stud in Arizona. Three years later she became the classic “backyard breeder,” but has worked hard to be a responsible horse owner in a bad economy. To that end, she has since bred only one horse from her stallion and mare.  While she successfully got this baby to races, the thrill of the Winner’s Circle is not yet hers. The dream is alive – just on hold.

A self-described “nobody” in this sport, she nevertheless deeply loves our sport and doesn’t want to see centuries of effort and history end because somebody’s ego was too big to accept change.  Frustrated with the infighting and bickering between casual fans, owners, trainers, horse players, breeders, Media, sports writers, and the uneducated public, she decided to try to be part of the solution by helping to get more fans (at every level) involved in the remodeling of the sport, rather than be a do-nothing complainer.  Fans Supporting Horse Racing, and the idea behind it, were born.

Your participation in this endeavor is welcome and encouraged.



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